We love our pets but they can sometimes destroy our things, even our carpet. Both cats and dogs can scratch or chew through your carpeting especially near the transition areas while trying to get out of a room. Pets, of course, are not the only ones who can damage our carpet, but no matter how it happens, Bucks County Carpet and Floor can repair your carpet.  If you have a leftover piece from when your carpet was originally installed we can patch your carpet. If you don't have the carpet anymore we can also take it out of closets to use as a carpet patch.  We can then install some similar carpet in the closet so you have a completely carpeted home. We can fix carpet holes in just about any kind of carpet.
Bucks County Carpet & Floor can perform many carpet repairs.  One of the most common carpet repairs is wrinkled carpet.  This can be fixed by having your carpet restreched. Carpet stretching is an inexpensive way to make your carpet last longer.   Most carpets can be restretched.  Occasionally a carpet will be too old or too wrinkled to fix, but generally carpet can be stretched.
Bucks County Carpet & Floor can also reinstall your existing carpet after a flood.  We can pull up the wet carpet, remove the old padding and dry out your carpet and your floor underneath. Once it is dry your carpet can usually be reinstalled over new pad.  This flood remediation tactic for carpet is almost always far less expensive than having brand new carpet installed. Removing the old carpet pad and drying out your floor will prevent the growth of mold and bacteria and will also get rid of that terrible wet carpet smell!